「LEO Ⅲ“Long sleeve”」は主役はもちろん名脇役にもなることうけあい!

The 'LEO III "Long sleeve"' is a perfect choice to play a supporting role as well as a starring role!

The long sleeve model of LEO Ⅲ, 'LEO Ⅲ "Long sleeve"', is an excellent item that can be worn alone or as an inner layer for jackets and knits.

'LEO Ⅲ "Long sleeve"', which adds a touch of color while staying close to all kinds of outerwear

The 'Leo III' is made of custom-ordered Dioramas Fine Smooth, which can be recognized as high quality even at a glance. The long-sleeved model is more elegant than a short-sleeved T-shirt and sportier than a sweater, making it a useful item for the three seasons of spring, fall, and winter. It can be worn alone in high temperatures and as an inner layer in chilly seasons. You can enjoy its superb texture on a daily basis.

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For a slightly intellectual T-shirt style

The less skin is exposed, creating a more stoic and slightly intellectual atmosphere compared to short-sleeved t-shirts. You can enjoy a relaxed, not too rough, look.

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The subtle brand logo incorporated into the hem adds an accent!

The brand logo is subtly printed on the hem of the long-sleeved model. This eliminates the lack of plain long sleeves.

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It is also fun to enjoy layering by showing a glimpse of the logo print

Use it as an inner layer for knitwear or sweatshirts, and if you casually layer the hem, you can see the logo print. It adds a stylish accent.

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Great for tailored jacket innerwear!

The 'Leo III' series is also ideal as an inner layer for tailored jackets. In particular, the long-sleeved model eliminates the risk of the lining of the sleeves sticking up due to perspiration, causing discomfort. This allows for a comfortable casual jacket style.

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