Important: For customers who do not receive emails from the store


[Important] To customers who have not received order confirmation emails or dispatch emails

Thank you very much for using the GENTLEMAN PROJECTS official online store.


We have received some reports from customers using mobile email addresses (docomo/au/softbank carrier email) and free email addresses (hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, etc.) that they have not received emails from our store. Please contact us for more information.


GENTLEMAN PROJECTS will automatically send you an email from confirming your order after you place an order.

At the time of dispatch, a dispatch notification email containing delivery information is automatically sent from the same address. If you do not receive the email, please check your email settings below.


- Customers using mobile email addresses (docomo/au/softbank carrier email)

● Spam filtering is blocking the mail.

If your mobile phone has a spam filter set up by default, you may not be receiving our emails due to the filter settings. Please check your settings, remove the filter for [] and set up your phone to receive [].


How to set/unset the domain name

NTT Docomo


- Customers using free email addresses

● It is in the spam folder

Please note that emails from our store may be automatically sorted into your spam or trash folder due to the spam filtering function. Please check your junk mail folder and your wastebasket.

You can also prevent incoming emails from being sorted into junk mail folders by using the sorting (filter) settings of the respective free email service.


● Incorrect email address

We are very sorry, but it is possible that the e-mail address you registered with us is incorrectly described. If you know of any errors, we would appreciate it if you could contact us at

Email address :


● If the mailbox on the server is full

There is a limit to the capacity of the mailbox on the server, and in some cases new mail cannot be received once the limit is reached.
If you are aware of this, please consider deleting unwanted emails from your server.



If you cannot check your email after checking the above, please send your name and telephone number to the following email address and inform us that you have not received the email. A member of our team will contact you.


Email address :